HK/Macau Trip Plan – Draft 1

Hong Kong is a place where world-class public transportation infrastructure is in place. You can travel from east to the west and north to south of Hong Kong with multiple transits of their MTR system at your convenience. Not to mention, attractions of Hong Kong are explicitly stated in the MTR system map which makes it even easier for travelers to commute to those destinations without much hassle. It’s so systematic and convenient that you don’t even need to go on a group tour just to tour Hong Kong. For my case, I prefer the free n easy way of touring Hong Kong. Initially I wanted to join the tour group for fear that I may wonder into the maze of high rise buildings in Hong Kong and not able to find my way out. Asking for directions from the locals can be quite scary if you don’t know their language and if they don’t know yours as well. Although I speak Cantonese, but the thoughts of Hong Kong TVB series spring to my mind reminding me of how the locals tend to shout at one another in which they consider decent conversation *gasp*. Nevertheless, I will pull it through. If we can conquer Paris with just a road map and subway map, why not Hong Kong?

Having listed the popular places of visit in Hong Kong and Macau and studied the MTR system map, here’s what we have drafted for our trip there in March:

17 March 2010 (9:30pm)

Arrive in HK from KL, check into the Royal Plaza Hong Kong, go for a walk in the streets.

18 March 2010 (depending on the ferry schedule)

Start our journey to Macau. We plan to spend a day at Macau from morning till dusk 😛 To get to Macau, Hong Kong has two major terminals for Macau-bound travelers: Shun-Tak Centre located at Hong Kong Island and China Ferry Terminal located at Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront alongside Harbour City, Kowloon.  However, the main sea terminal and helicopter are located at Shun-Tak Centre, on the waterfront of Central District on Hong Kong Island. It is above Sheung-Wan MTR station. The journey from Hong Kong to Macau takes about an hour (hope I won’t get sea sick by the time we touch Macau). We will need to check the ferry schedules before we make the booking and plan for the departure from our hotel to the terminal.

19 March 2010 (AM)

Wake up, head down town for Hong Kong breakfast. Plan to get ourselves some “char-leong”, “tan tart” and Hong Kong “nai cha”. Will try out the local congee as well. Heard they are literally filled with pig intestines .. gooey. After breakfast, head for Disneyland. A dedicated route is laid out for travelers to visit the land of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck which is situated at the Sunny Bay MTR station. This is going to be our first Disneyland visit and hope it will be as magnificent as how it is pictured in Los Angeles and the other Disneylands in the world. We will probably spend half a day here and if it gets all too exciting we will spend the rest of the day here too.

19 March 2010 (PM)

If Disneyland starts to bore us, we will hop onto the MTR station which is Tung Chung MTR station and head towards Ngong Ping 360. I wonder why is there a “360” indicated for this place? Does it mean we will be spinning a 360 deg upside down to watch the Giant Buddha??  The journey to Ngong Ping 360 starts with a 25 minute cable car ride from the Tung Chung MTR station (how convenient). It’s a culturally themed village high atop a mountain plateau on Lantau Island. Just five minutes walk from Ngong Ping village is the Po Lin Monastery and the serene Giant Buddha, the world’s tallest outdoor seated bronze Buddha statue. Gee, this could take one day of our time as well. Will need to figure out how are we going to spend our time in both Disneyland and this place … that will be fine-tuned in Draft 2 of our plans later.

20 March 2010 (AM)

If we have not had enough of Ngong Ping we will probably visit the place in the morning again before proceeding to the next planned destination which is to visit the Golden Bauhinia Square where it is very much featured in most TVB series I know. To get to this place, we will need to take the MTR to Wan Chai MTR station, walk across the footbridge, head right through the lobby of Central Plaza, continue on across the connecting overhead walkway, then descend to ground level. Head towards the waterfront ahead and the statue and monument is on the left. It takes about 15 minutes walk from the MTR station to this place – phew! Next, we will probably visit Hollywood Road / Cat Street / Man Mo Temple which is two stations down the trail – at the Central MTR station. From this station, we will need to turn right to Theatre Lane. Walk along Queen’s Road Central towards The Centre. Then take the Central – Mid Levels Escalator to Hollywood Road. I guess the temple is along this road as well.

20 March 2010 (PM)

Visit The Peak (or Tai Ping Shan). Hong Kong’s most popular attraction, The Peak offers spectacular views over the city, harbour and mountains beyond. It looks even more spectacular during the night and not to mention it’s chilly on top of the peak of the moutain. To get to The Peak, we will take the Peak Tram from the Lower Tram Terminus by walking from the Central MTR station Exit J2. Looks like Madame Tassaud museum’s just around the corner too. Will probably hop into this place for a short visit too.

21 March 2010 (AM & PM)

Visit the Fung Ying Seen Koon at New Territories. To get there, we will need to take the MRT from Kowloon East station to the Fanling MRT station.  This is another popular place for TVB drama series shooting. After this, we will head towards Tai Wo MRT station where the Lam Tsuen Wishing Trees and Tin Hau temple is located. This will probably take us half a day to tour these two places. It would be a good idea to stop by the University of Hong Kong, and visit Yuen Long to get ourselves some “lou po peng” biscuits. It’s gonna be quite an adventure isn’t it? Next stop, Sai Kung town. Sai Kung town is a home to a dozen quality seafood restaurants. Not to mention, fishermen dock the jetties to sell their catch of the day to by passers, mostly locals. Will get our taste of their local seafood dinner following that.

22 March 2010 (AM)

It’s time to conquer Kowloon and its attractive places. First stop – the famous Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin temple. The temple commemorates the famous monk of yore Wong Tai Sin (also known as Huang Chu-ping) who was born around AD 328 and became a deity at Heng Shan (Red Pine Hill) in his later life. Looks like there is going to be a small entrance fee to the temple and it opens from 9 – 4pm apart from Monday. Crap! Looks like we will have to visit this place on Tuesday before we head home to KL. To get to this place, we will need to take the MTR to the Wong Tai Sin MTR station. Spend the rest of the day shopping and eating out hearts’ out … it’s so exciting!

23 March 2010 (AM)

Go for our last tour in the morn, eating and shopping before we board the flight home to KL in the PM.

Fuh .. as it is, our plans look pretty messy, But I am sure after rounds of fine-tuning, it will look perfect. A plan will still be a plan. What happens with the plan when we are in HK? God knows best .. 🙂

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