About miramblings

I had always wanted to start a blog to tell people about my walk with God from the very beginning of my journey with Him. I did not get around to do so simply because I was lazy and I suffered from writer’s block the whole of last year working on my dissertation and till now, I finally pulled it through and I managed to get this blog created and going. The name “miramblings”, a mixture of French and English, was chosen for my blog which means “my ramblings”. I just needed an avenue to rant, vent and express my feelings – annoyance, frustration, depression, joy, happiness, about my job, my life,  whatever.. you name it, and “miramblings” is the perfect place for me to do so.  I was compelled to start this blog purportedly to share my thoughts on my personal relationship with God, particularly on how I deal with life challenges with God and His word by my side. In addition to this, I’ve also included my sharing of thoughts and reviews of the food I’ve tried in my journey of adventure with food – both at major eateries in the Klang Valley, Malaysia (in Foodventure) and at my very own kitchen (in My Kitch). I would love to blog more about my experiences traveling to other parts of the world, but at this point of time, it is only limited to Hong Kong and Bali with memories of these places still fresh in my mind. I hope to continue blogging about my travelogue, if and only if I continue to have the opportunities to do so :P. I hope by reading my blog, we will have the opportunity to be able to share your experiences with me too. Thank you again for visiting my blog.


2 thoughts on “About miramblings

  1. Reading this morning. I accidentally found your blog. I found it so similar to my thoughts, it struck me hmm. In prayer I was in a mental fog, I was looking up evil foreboding s.
    Lol I found your blog as a reference point.I enjoyed it. I have a favorite similar cartoon.
    I like your ramblings.:)

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